Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Studio 5 March Sneak-peek!

Oh, this is a good ones...all sorts of clever clues in here.

I'm on Studio 5 this Thursday, March 11th at 11am on channel 5. Please watch! But in the meantime, I'd love for you to play this game with me.

Look at the pictures and guess what both of my segments are about. I do a papercrafting segment and a kitchen segment. Leave your guesses as a comment and after the show I'll choose a winner, usually the person with the best guess.

Good luck!


Joan G said...

Altered Game Boards and Easter Dinner Gathering (Gravy Boat OK...but what are you doing in the upper right hand corner? It appears there is bread, metal bits and a trash bag. Are you doing and altered bread table centerpiece? HaHaHa!

Tiff said...

I'm going to say using gameboards as an idea source for cards/gifts.

And some kind of roll/bread shaped like something easter-y. Maybe a bird? chicken?

daffy said...

altered gameboards or game pieces and gravy or sauces maybe easter dinner related and shaped rolls also easter related

Jaycie said...

I think your doning a fun game night idea, you'll make some awesome invite from a game and maybe fondu for a refreshment?? Can't wait to see what it is!!!

Jeannie said...

The board games part seems fairly obvious---something using the old games and pieces.

Just to be different, maybe you are going to do a St. Patrick's Day dinner?

Laurie said...

Something about passing things? Maybe how to alter gifts and games and pass them to the next person and cooking for passover. Hmmm. Celebrating passover. Thats my guess.

americanfamily said...

I'm not guessing because I already know....but I will say that I like everyone else's guesses so far. Especially the ones with the gravy.

Jan T said...

I'm guessing, it about games, soup & sandwiches.

cards4ever said...

I think you are going to do a game night. The board games are used foe inspiration for a paper crafted menu and you are making something like a sandwich with a sauce.

SADE'S BLOG said...

Wow. this is a hard one. the two food pic's look like soup and sandwiches and I have to agree but maybe it be all be related to a family fun night.
But I did see recently at Roberts that there were some cute bingo board embellishments maybe???

Kathy J said...

Using game elements on cards or scrapbook pages? Some kind of griddle cake or biscuit with a sauce or gravy?

Heather Vincent said...

This is a hard one. Wow! My guess is using pieces from your old board games in paper crafting. Making party invitations?!?! For your food segment, maybe doing something Irish for St. Patrick's Day (maybe Irish Soda Bread?) or a family get together for Easter.

Marie-Claire said...

How to make a family game night easy and personal. Altering the gameboard so that it reflects things that are specific to your own family, names etc and keeping it fun and simple in the kitchen so that there is less time spent in the kitchen and more time spent playing games. New to this blog, did enjoy reading it!

kwgirl said...

I have been racking my brain to figure this "puzzle" out. I'm going with "Family Favorites" or "Fun & Games".
For the Food segment I'm guessing donuts or ebelskivers with caramel sauce.
For the papercrafting segment creating cards with gameboard pieces.

brooks wynn said...

Okay, this one is too hard! What the heck is that in the left top corner? I will just watch and enjoy the segment and not guess this time. Can you do an easy one for those of us the are less imaginative? Thanks Sue

Jayna said...

I'm going to guess that you are making a card with an altered monopoly game card and some kind of breadstick with butter or gravy.

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