Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Win Big & Get Creative!

Supplies running a little low?
Creativity a little stumped?
I have a solution! Follow my 5 tips for sparking card-making creativity, use the classic car shape, enter the contest and maybe WIN some of these great prizes!
FIRST PRIZE! It all begins with this awesome printer tray by 7 Gypsies that is just waiting for photographs, memorabilia, tokens and beautiful paper. This prize also includes some fabulous finds and distress inks by Tim Holtz. To boot, I've included my favorite paper creaser by Ranger.

Second prize is just a little bit smaller and I have 3 third prizes, which include 3 Distress Inks (color may vary) and a paper creaser!
Do you even remember that I was having a contest? It sure has been awhile hasn't. But the end of summer is fast approaching and I knew you would need a reminder and some motivating pictures of prizes!
You can visit the original post to see all the details, but remember the deadline is September 15th. You can send entries in by email (scan or picture) or bring the 'real' thing to class in September.
5 tips for sparking your card-making creativity!
  1. Paper is my biggest inspiration. It's also the supply I have most of. When's the last time you went through what you already have? Find something you love and hold it against your other supplies; cardstock, buttons, ribbon etc... create a pallet of colors and textures, take it to your work area and follow the next steps.
  2. Design. Look closely at your supplies, especially your paper. Does it have an element to it that could be cut, punched out and layered? Does it make a great background paper and if so, could you stamp or emboss it? Or maybe it's too busy for a background and works well as an accent? Keep playing and moving the supplies around until something inspires you.
  3. Think outside of the box. Sometimes we get so caught up in our square, upright perspective we forget to be creative. Take elements off the page slightly, turn things upside down. Look at negative silhouettes, or things inside out. Think about different shapes, a card doesn't always have to have straight edges. Layer, fold, tuck and whatever else you can make the paper do.
  4. Creativity doesn't have to be complicated. Some of my best work is just simple. Don't overwork your card, focus on your one great idea and work around it. If it doesn't work, don't get discouraged, just start again. After all, it's only paper!
  5. Share! I love the creative process, but I'm also a practical gal and don't see the point of making just one card. Once you have a great design down, make more; save one for your card file and give the rest away. Bring it to class for show-and-tell (we always love that). Celebrate what you've done! And lastly, enter my contest!


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