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In this age of social media, our mailbox has gotten a little boring...

but when I dig into my mailbox and feel something that doesn't feel like a bill, something a little thicker and shaped differently, I get so giddy!  Everything is thrown to the side and that envelope gets ALL my attention.  I feel the same way with packages of course.  I have to admit, I'm guilty of being an online shopper!  It's just so easy... and now I've made buying Q's Creative Card Kits even easier!

Introducing Q's Kit & Caboodle Club!  Oh, how I toiled over this name.  I am clearly fond of alliteration, so once I found Caboodle (Kit and caboodle is an American Slang phrase meaning all, the entirely of something).  I knew it was a winner!  It so aptly describes what this club is all about!

You pay ONE price and Q's Card KITS arrive in your mailbox every month or two.  As a club member you get first look at new kits, with up to a week to decide if you want to skip or keep or add to it.  (You can skip two kits in your membership of 8 kits).

Membership expires when 8 kits have been shipped to you (this will be no longer than 18 months, but mostly likely less).  You can re-join as soon are your 8 kits have been shipped, even if it's before 18 months have passed.

The overall savings is $50+! Free shipping, Free foam squares, occasional freebies and 10% off any additional kits and supplies (purchased at the same time as club kit release).  

As a club member, you'll have access to our private Facebook group: connect with other card makers, share your creativity, ask questions and get the latest from Q (that would be me!).

Q. When can I join the club?

A. You can join the club anytime, but you'll start with the latest kit released.

Q. What if I don't need/want a kit that is released?

A. You can skip two kits in your 8 kit membership.  You have up to a week to email me if you choose to skip.

Q. How will I know when a new kit is released?

A. Club members will be the first to see new kits.  You will receive that information by email and it will be posted on the Facebook group.

Q. How do I add additional kits?

A. If you want to add additional kits (the one that is released), other kits or supplies, please order from the website.  Shipping will be free with any add-ons.  If you don't see an option without shipping for something, I will refund you.

Q. What is included in a card kit? 

A, Everything you need to create the cards advertised except for some tools (paper creaser, ball tools, scissors etc...) and adhesive, although foam squares will be supplied with each kit. 

Q. What are your instructions like?

A. Each kit comes with written instructions, however, the real BONUS with Q's Creative Kits are step-by-step photos with clear instructions that come in a PDF by email.  This is a simple file you can download and follow on your computer, tablet and even your phone (but you'll probably be doing some pinching!)

Q. What makes Q's Creative card kits special?

A. Each kit is beautifully and thoughtfully designed.  I want you to feel like you are creating something special without sacrificing ease.  Everything is pre-cut and pre-scored, so you can put away your trimmer and ruler (for the most part!). Generally, you just need adhesives and distress ink (which is always optional), but I do recommend a good paper creaser (I sell an awesome Teflon one!), Ball tools (for molding paper like flowers) and a good long sharp pair of scissors (to trim off any exposed card base).

Q's Creative Kits will spark your own creativity!  Many of the card kits include tutorials, templates, SVG files and printables.  These are all bonus items you can save and use another time.

Q. What if I'm having trouble with a card kit or accidentally damaged or lost a piece, or a piece is missing?

A. I'm here for you!  Shoot me an email and if I can't help you by writing, we can always chat on the phone (you know, the old-fashioned way!).  I will also send you damaged or missing pieces.


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