Saturday, April 10, 2010

The List: 2nd update

I'm sure you're fully expecting that my list is complete, considering how little I blogged this week...but no, it's still there and only 3 weeks left! On top of that I've had to start a sub-list...things I forgot to put on the original list, but I simply won't bore you with that. Suffice it to say, I'm really even more productive that it looks! :)

Ok, well. Maybe I'll share one thing from that sub-list. Chicks! Or, as I like to call chickens! We've been talking about getting some for years and for some reason my husband actually did this year, despite the fact we didn't even have a coop!

Let me introduce them to you. Squeekers is a Leg Horn (ya know...fog horn, leg horn?). Pure white and originally from Tuscany, Italy! She is our skittish one with super flying skills...has already escaped once.

Next is Lucy. A Rhode Island Red that reminded me of Lucille Ball. She's the curious one and will peck at anything that moves! She is, however, the only one that will play dead when she is held on her back.

Lastly, the sweetest of the bunch is Buffy. She is a Buff Orlington and such a pretty buff color.

I'm looking forward to farm fresh eggs in a few months!

Having spent 2 years in Belguim and France, my husband's eye was caught while driving in Salt Lake City last year as we drove by Bruges; this tiny little waffle and fries shop.

To celebrate getting the condo done (by the way, it's rented!), I took my Mom there last week and this is what we had for lunch: Frites (french fries, made the Belguim way) and a Liege Waffle with icecream and fresh strawberries. Oh my. It was so delicious.

Aren't these flowers just a little piece of heaven? I finally got these in on Saturday with a little help from a friend. I forgot just how tiring gardening can be and promptly fell asleep afterward.

I'll give you just a sneak peek of the photos we took of Emma for her wedding invites. Oh my goodness...we had SO much fun. What an adventure. I'll show you more later.

I promise to be more productive this week in the blogging department, so check back often and have a great week!
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shortandsweet said...

OH, I really like the invite picture! I keep a file of cool things like that since I only have ONE daughter and I want to have lots of fun things for her to choose from. (Location of photo shoot?)

kwgirl said...

You bought CHICKENS? Wow,good for you! Let us know how the adventure goes with them. We have also wanted to do that for years, as well as bee's...but for right now our garden is enough, at least for me:)
Great pictures of Emma & Fiance... looking forward to see what you create for the invitations!

Jaddin said...

CUTEST wedding pictures EVER! Look at her with dark cute!

Queen Bee said...

The photo is spectacular! The colors worked out beautifully - I can't wait to see the whole batch! Love the chicks names - got a good laugh and can we take a trip up to the Belgium place??? Looks YUMMO!

Elaine said...

pretty flowers!! Love the colors so much. And the fries remind me of something we get at specialty places called Poutine...have you ever tried it? Come to Seattle and I'll show you were the BEST poutine is!

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